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Difference between current smart parcel locker and traditional storage locker

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With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things, big data, AI and other technologies, the office space is also changing rapidly. How to use intelligence to improve space utilization and employee work efficiency is a problem faced by many express or e-commerce company. 83% of enterprises choose smart parcel locker, which replace the storage space provided by fixed workstations. The introduction of smart parcel locker has become the first choice for intelligent management of enterprises, taking into account the improvement of quality and efficiency of enterprises and the well-being of employees.

Traditional storage locker often have the pain points of cumbersome distribution management and single use form. In addition, keys are easily lost and the cabinet is easily damaged, which increases the maintenance labor cost and affects the user experience. In order to cope with various office forms such as mixed office and decentralized office, it must one-to-one fixed mode and visitor random mode, which need to install many lockers on different floors.  

The smart parcel locker provides an administrator background system, which can carry out efficient and fast collaborative management of storage space, and customize management rules according to the needs of use. The door of the box can be reused, and the appropriate number of cabinets can be adapted according to the amount of the package, and there is no need to install cabinets on each floor. User information is absolutely confidential, and can be unlocked by touch screen or mobile APP.

Dongcheng Electronic is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of smart parcel locker with main products ranging from parcel lockers, smart lockers, refrigerated lockers, food warmer locker, QR code locker, Bluetooth locker, etc. In this article Dongcheng Electronic would give you a brief introduction to waterproof parcel locker.

Waterproof smart parcel locker

The parcel locker provide the system for courier to put the package into the delivery locker, and the owner's mobile phone will receive a text message and get a password. With the password, the package can be picked up at any time. In this way , the courier can reduce the trouble of the second delivery, the customer does not have to worry about not having time to pick up the package and can pick up the package at any time according to their own time. Waterproof parcel locker enable people to store their package on some occasions such as Logistics express industry, e-commerce industry, Campus, Office building, Community, Industrial park, gas station, shopping mall, etc, which brings great convenience to people's daily life. Waterproof parcel locker is equipped with waterproof material on the surface of locker, have rainroof and special sink design, which enable people's package to be dry during the storage.


Waterproof smart parcel locker working process as follow:


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