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Factory verification and video capture

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site

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Every year, the Intertek team offers D2D service for certification  and re-evaluate the capabilities from all aspects of our company. This gives us the chance to show our company information, human resources, production capacity, export capacity, quality control, process management, research, and development capacity, and other comprehensive information to our customer.

Certificates get renewed every year, such as CE, RoHS, UL, ISO, 3C.

New week comes, Intertek staff is taking videos in the locker production workshop, 3D warehouse(locker storage), the staff dormitory.


To verify the on-site situation whether it's  in accordance with the uploaded documents, the authorized staff will tour around the  factory to check the whole locker production process.

This year the verification video will add the newly-built dormitory and the newly introduced welding machine.


We make sure that what you see is what we have. We will continue to innovate and create more lockers in accordance with the social trend. Life comes better with our contact-less smart locker.

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