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Food Delivery Locker

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-27      Origin: Site

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With the development of the takeaway distribution industry, the market demand for fast food delivery locker is increasing. For this reason, our company has been committed to developing and improving the design of food locker for the past two years.

Here is the introduction:

Food locker is now equipped with insulation, heating to maintain the temperature of the food.

Application Scenarios: Restaurant, apartment, office building, shopping malls, stations, airports, schools, and other places.

For couriers, authorized account logging in—choose the box size—box opening—putting the food in the box—close the box door.

For users, receiving the pickup code— enter the code on the screen—box opens—get the food—close the box door.


It can be operated by locker software, also can be integrated with client’s system or mobile APP.

We provide standard types, also accept customized service. Provide single-side locker, double-sided locker and even automatic opening locker. More info, please contact with Dongcheng electronic.

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