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Blue-tooth locker

Blue-tooth locker has adopted latest BLE5.0 technology. Users can simply open the lock by APP through their smart phone.

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Unlike tradition electronic locker or parcel licker, Bluetooth lockers has no computer, power controller or other parts. Bluetooth locker operates in most of tough environment even without grid and Internet.


Mobile phone bluetooth connection  
Touch-type password keypad lock
Standby power consumption - about 200UA 
Super capacity battery - 7000 mAH            
Single lock consumes about 0.375 mAH, full battery can open more than 10000 times 
Support external adapter charging 
Support for solar panels charging
Intelligent charge management, protect the battery     


Operate by cellphone APP
Can be regard as storage locker or parcel locker.

Blue-tooth locker

Application scenarios:

Communities, universities, office buildings, industrial parks, business district,tourist attractions, enterprises and institutions, stations, airports and other crowd gathering areas

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