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Lockers Shooting Annually

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-12      Origin: Site

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This time of every year comes the product shooting. There are three type of lockers included this year, say tool locker, blue tooth locker, and facial recognition locker.

The shooting will focus on the overall appearance of lockers, the way how locker is operated and special function displayed.

Bluetooth locker is featured in the wireless connection, mobile APP control, BLE signal control, battery and solar panel charging and lower cost comparing to normal parcel locker. To make the operation smoother, the app for Android is developed to control the door opening. It is more cost-friendly and adaptable to extreme environments compared with normal parcel locker.


The tool locker is launched to facilitate the tool management. The main process is logging in with account password or swiping card or Pin code or fingerprint to access. The operation workflows could be customized. The tool locker can also be equipped with weighing function to meet various needs of clients.


Facial recognition locker adopts biometric technology and has the configuration of high-precision cameras engendering a fast response toward the locker operation, is a locker that attaches great importance to safety.

The video clip of lockers will be released once finished. Let's wait and see.

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