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Package locker used by courier for shipping package

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Smart package lockers are ubiquitous. What’s the deal?


They enable you to freely choose when to collect or send your packages and from where. The best part? Both Post Offices and couriers can access parcel lockers. That means people nowadays can use the package lockers directly. It seems that parcel locker systems become cost-effective solutions for the last mile. Busy people who do not have time to wait for their parcels can go to the pickup stations anytime they are available.

What is a smart parcel locker system and how does it work?

A smart parcel locker or delivery locker is an automated storage container that provides 24/7 service of shipping and receiving parcels. With the codes received on their phones or emails, users can open parcel lockers to handle their collections or deliveries.


Parcel locker systems offer benefits to:

  • Individuals: can access the locker and pick up their parcels anytime they want.

  • Logistics companies: boost efficiency and lower delivery costs.

  • Online businesses: more flexible with parcel locker systems which give a higher success in deliveries and better service satisfaction in final customers.

Why using a parcel locker system?

Pick up parcels whenever users need

Gone with the days for queueing in the parcel shops or post offices, individuals can access the parcel lockers during their available time.


More successful deliveries

Let’s face it. Delivery is not a 100% success. You need to make sure parcels once delivered, someone at the last mile is prepared to receive. But the truth is, no one is always waiting for their items. So most likely couriers are asked to put parcels near the neighborhood, or maybe come next time. This puts off deliveries. However, with smart parcel lockers, logistics companies can directly put parcels into the parcel lockers near their owners.

We hope the article above shed some light on parcel locker and how does it work. If you have any needs for smart locker system please do let us know!Contact us here

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