Laundry locker
洗衣柜1 - 水印
Laundry locker
洗衣柜1 - 水印

Laundry locker

The laundry locker is composed of 21-inch touch screen, monitoring system, card reader, QR code scanner and other intelligent control components. It can be connected with the mobile payment system, can be paid by WeChat, Alipay, and APP. It can be installed in the community outdoor venue to solve the laundry and collection of the owner's clothing.

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Support touch screen operation
Support for voice prompts
Support swipe card identification
Support bar code scanning reading
Support led light inside box
Support outdoor use


User Stores Dirty Clothing: User logs in and stores dirty clothes
Laundry worker or Courier to pick up the laundry: Laundry worker or Courier receives a notice that the laundry has been deposited ---log in to pick up the laundry ---the laundry will be cleaned
Laundry staff or Courier to deliver clean clothes: Laundry staff or Courier to pick up clean clothes ---login and delivery
User picks up clean clothes: User receives the pick up code --- go to the locker, scan the code or input the pick up code --- pick up clean clothes
It can be integrated with mobile APP

Application scenarios

Cities, communities, universities, industrial parks, enterprises and institutions and other crowd gathering areas

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