Outdoor Parcel Locker

Intelligent parcel locker is a frontier tech delivery equipment based on cloud computing and the Internet of Things with recognition, staging, extraction, data monitoring, and management functions. It could greatly improve the delivery rate of the final 100 meters, has a reputation in customers. This parcel locker used outdoor is rainproof and zero contact for package picking.

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Applied technology Cloud computing;Internet of Things
Function Parcel identification/recognition;temporary storage;extraction;data monitoring and management 

1.Meet the needs of users to pick up at any time.

2.Improve the express delivery rate of the final 100 meters.                                                                              

Configuration Touch screen display; ARM or industrial controller; Emergency door opening; Internet connection; CCTV supporting; Voice guide supporting; Metal keyboard
Optional features Barcode scanner;In-box lighting function;RFID reader supporting;Video camera function;Paper printing function;air condition
Tech parameters

1.Working voltage:AC220V ± 15%  

2.Working humidity:10%RH-90%RH

3.Working temperature:-10℃~+40℃(-20℃~+60℃, can be customized)  

4.Power consumption:Standby: ≤15W Maximum:≤75W  

Applications Shopping mall; school; office building; community.

How to Work

Order: Customers place orders by mobile phones or PC end.

Delivery: The merchant receives the information and prepares the goods; After the courier delivers the goods, the picking code will be sent to the customer.

Pick up: The customers take the packages by the pick-up code.

Maintenance and Technical Support

To our partners and clients, we offer comprehensive and professional full service and technical support everywhere in the world before and after our sale.

Technical support includes:

  • remote training and guidance 
  • on-site support
  • spare parts
  • guarantees

Remote training and guidance

To better operate our outdoor parcel lockers, we offer our remote maintenance training and technical support, allowing you to solve 99% of the hardware and software problems of our delivery lockers. This ensures a low maintenance cost and high working efficiency. 

On-site support

We also provide on-site support due to particular issues for our clients all over the world. The parcel machines are handled by our technicians to ensure efficiency.

Why Our Delivery Locker?

With over 20 years in the locker business, Dongcheng Electronic has dedicated to the package delivery industries, applying advanced technology like IoT, encryption Technology, and Cloud Computing to OEM smart lockers. Our mission is to relentlessly perfect the delivery industry and make it easier to send and receive goods.

Apartment; school; office building; community; factory; company; Industrial park.

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