Refrigerated Locker
Refrigerated Locker

Refrigerated Delivery Locker

Temperature-controlled lockers as pickup stations for daily groceries. Cool lockers utilize foam technique to maintain the temperature thereby preserving temperature sensitive goods as pickup stations where groceries ordered online can be delivered unscathed.

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Refrigerator Locker body use foam technique with excellent thermal insulation to keep grocery fresh, pharmaceuticals and other items at designed temperature.  
Refrigerator locker has the refrigeration function, computer temperature control function, and frequency conversion function.


For drop off:
Courier login in or swip the staff card---Scan the barcode of package---Input recipient's phone number or mail address---Doors open, then drop off the packages---Close the door.
For pick up:
Recipient recieves SMS or email with pick-up code or QR code---Enter the pick-up code or scan the QR code---Doors open, get the packages---Close the door.

Application scenarios:

Shopping mall;supermaket;school;office building;community;train station and other densely populated areas.


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