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Tool Locker Proto-system with Weighing Module Coming

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-16      Origin: Site

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With the prosperous development from all walks of life, the need to get tool managed has reached a peak. The emergence of the tool locker originates the trend. The locker is equipped with voice prompt, touch screen operation, LCD and the verifications of fingerprint, face and card.

The final locker will be with the locker itself and the locker system. As for now, tool management system borders on the intelligence in ways that there are records to be tracked and that operation is user-friendly. The whole procedure realizes the goal of intelligent management of tools, assisting users to borrow and returning tools and being accessible to repair and maintenance of tools. The weighing module works for the accurate tool management.


The optimization of the system offers a better experience of users and faster response in tool management. Better tool locker system, better orderly tool management.

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