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Using the QR Code Locker from China-elocker

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Whether smart lockers or the more advanced QR Code lockers, they need to be reliable and safe storage systems. With increasing rates of breakages, QR code lockers are now considered an essential thing to have. They help in improving the efficiency and safety of payments. The ultra-safe QR code reader module is now a widely used smart locker solution. The QR code locker is made up of intelligent control components that work together with network modules. And all operated within mobile APP.


QR code Locker

How do QR Code Lockers Work?

QR code lockers can not only be a stoarge locker, but also parcel delivery locker.

The reason why the QR code approach is popular in a smart locker is that the QR code generated in user’s smartphone is unique and nobody can access the locker without first scanning the QR code. Another factor to use the QR code reader is to ensure users make payments in APP.

The smart locker solution helps safeguard the storage and delivery of items or parcels. China-elocker provides intelligent, customized, and digital smart locker services suitable for both businesses, individuals, and communities.

Recommended Smart Locker Applications

QR code locker scanner modules are becoming increasingly popular in smart lockers globally. The flexibility offered by smart lockers and QR code locks makes them well-suited when it comes to solving distribution and storage challenges in many industries, not just retail. These intelligent lockers are now found in many locations and sites.

Smart Lockers are suitable in the following locations or situations:

  • Logistic and e-commerce industry

  • Supermarkets

  • Shopping malls

  • Tourist attractions and theme parks

  • Sports venues and water parks

  • Libraries

  • Enterprises and institutions

  • Office buildings and factories

  • Airports and stations

  • Commercial streets

  • Areas that need temporary storage such as exhibition halls.


Smart China-elockers automate the previously all time-consuming tasks associated with manual asset or cash management, such as logging sign-ins/sign-offs, conducting transactions, and reporting. In addition, the QR code locker solution frees up your staff for more productive activities.

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