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What is a Parcel Locker?

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What is a Parcel Locker?

A parcel locker is considered to be an ideal container to make both shippers and recipients feel relaxed when there are large packages need to deliver as shippers can leave the package in a parcel locker, then text the recipient to inform which box that recipient to open to collect the package.


Actually, parcel lockers are suitable for parcels that don’t fit into standard mailboxes.

These package lockers are usually situated in common spaces to which postal workers of different delivery companies have easy access because the more people see the locker, the more convenient the logistics will be. And there are indoor parcel lockers and outdoor parcel lockers.


Here are some examples of places where you can see parcel lockers: office reception areas, apartment complex lobbies, and sidewalks. In some public spaces such as the gymnasium, hospitals, and retail stores, you will also find great parcel lockers standing there, waiting for the packages. So, what are the benefits of parcel lockers? The three benefits of parcel lockers might inspire you to adopt a new way of logistics.

Guaranteed Delivery

Have you ever experienced that not being able to pick your important package on time? What’s worse, the shipper called you to pick it up by yourself at the post office which is far away from your home. However, with a parcel locker service, the only thing you need to do is open the locked door from the nearest locker to your home that is waiting for you. The process won’t be long as you will receive a call or text from the shipper beforehand.


Secure Storage

Having important goods left on your porch or throw them everywhere at your home is not good behavior and you will easily lose your package. But it will be safer to use a parcel locker to store the package. As we all know that security is the most important element for customers to use parcel lockers. Secure storage options come in many shapes and sizes. Dongcheng Electronic parcel lockers manage to strengthen the locks and sturdy designs. Moreover, many office lockers are equipped with video surveillance systems.


The post office only lets you pick up items during their opening hours. Therefore, if you are not available, it will be great trouble for you to collect the package on time. Fortunately, here are some parcel locker manufacturers to upgrade their products, in order to provide you with more conveniences on collecting parcels. Lockers are all integrated IoT (Internet of Things), Information Technology, Encryption Technology, and Cloud Computing to give you reliable parcel picking/sending self-service.


How Secure are Parcel Lockers?

Some people may still worry about their parcels will lose. Despite being unmanned due to the self-service, parcel lockers are particularly secure places to store your mails, parcels, and packages. Video surveillance placed near the parcel lockers can deter thieves, while access card and PIN code protections keep the contents of your security of lockers. In addition, most shippers purchase insurance for the goods of their customers, so that you won’t lose out in the unlikely event of a break-in.

We've all experienced how annoying it is to forget to collect a parcel. But parcel locker solves the problem and assures you can receive your parcel on time, even if you are not available to sign for it. Therefore, why not own a box of a parcel locker that you can fully trust the security and efficiency and you will never ever to concern about your parcel be late any longer!

Do Companies or Communities Need a Parcel Locker?

The answer is affirmative. Why? It is a trend that home delivery or office delivery is obsolete due to labor-consuming and money-consuming. Parcel lockers now actually mitigate in a large degree of delivery industry and will solve the problems for good. Especially during the covid-19, couriers are at a great shortage and things would be even worse in the post-pandemic world. So parcel lockers can be the key that can largely lower the risk of shopping online and enormously reduce the labor in package sending. Individuals would be happier even to have a zero contact delivery with 24 hours picking up available and highest security.

How you can Find a Parcel Locker Manufacturer?

Got you there. We are a leading manufacturer in the smart locker business for over 20 years. Dongcheng Electronic has dedicated to the package delivery industries, applying advanced technology like IoT, encryption Technology, and Cloud Computing to OEM smart lockers. Our mission is to relentlessly perfect the delivery industry and make it easier to send and receive goods. So we provide more than parcel lockers, if you need anything, just contact us!

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